Professional auto detailing






Premium Detail

Professional Auto Detailing

Exterior: Three steps for the exterior. Hand wash, compound or paint

cleaning clay treatment, then one coat of a high grade wax will be applied.

The wheels, wells and rims cleaned. The tires cleaned and dressed. The

exterior windows and mirrors cleaned.

Interior: The entire interior will be wiped down. The carpets will be

vacummed. The door jams will be cleaned.The windows and mirrors

will be cleaned. The entire dashboard will be cleaned and then protected.

The console will be cleaned and protected. The leather seats will be cleaned

and conditioned. The door panels will be cleaned first then protected.

The headliner will be cleaned. The carpets and the mats will be shampooed.

Q-Tip the air-conditioning vents.

Price: Cars starting at $ 149, SUV AND VAN $ 159 and up